Fitennis™ combines training and fun, using a mix of tennis moves and the best of fitness exercices in a single program.


Smash, forehand, backhand, serve and volley get a workout, along with footwork, readiness preparation and movement during this 35-minute high-intensity workout.


Racquet in hand, this class enables you to experience tennis with music, using a playlist of 8 sound-tracks specially adapted to each phase of the training session.


A Fitennis™  session both builds stamina and also works each set of the body’s principal muscles groups.  This rich and varied exercise program helps to develop explosive movement and improved coordination.




Improve your physical condition and feel better, no matter what kind of terrain you find yourself on in your daily life.

Fitennis™ is available to everyone at every level. Each participant controls the experience by participating at their own speed. and concentrating on mastering the program. A great solution for:

  • Tennis player who want to supplement their current training program.
  • Non tennis players who would like to learn more about tennis in a fun and informal training environment.
  • Fitness fans  who are looking for a new, fun-filled, and effective fitness-training program.



Are you passionate about your work?  Want to diversify your skills in an innovative environment?
Our team of trainers educates accredited tennis professionals as well as professional fitness coaches in the FiTennis principles and programs – to make you an accomplished FiTennis(™) practitioner.